Female Football Week :Donna Eddy guiding the next generation of women players


One of the main stays of women’s football over many seasons has been Donna Eddy, today we take a look at why she loves the game so much


Donna Eddy – Stags AAW Player/Coach

How long have you been involved with football?
I played my first game of soccer for Mulwaree High School in 1989 I was in yr 7.
How long have you been involved with Stags?
I was a founding member of stags and was there the night at the Gordon hotel when the name got chosen. (Tooheys New) the stag.
I have missed 1 seasons.
What made you want to volunteer and coach/lead a womens side?
Honestly I wasn’t keen to coach but I wanted, (and wanted the team) to continue to play so I put my hand up to get them started until someone else could take over. No one did and I have coached since. This is only my 3rd yr as coach.
What is your greatest achievement while playing or coaching?
As a player
I was fortunate enough to play Indoor for the Australian School girls team in January 1994 that toured Canada and the selected in the youth team that toured Russia in December 1994.
As a coach my first year resulted in the woman taking out the championship.
Who is your favourite player?
My favourite player is pelé
What would you like to say to anyone who is interested in playing/volunteering but might be too scared?
My advice would be…. just give it a go you never know what could happen. You may even love it.

What do you enjoy most about being a volunteer?

The best part is the people you get to meet. And the impact you as person and the whole team can make on someone. There’s nothing better than seeing a shy kid who can hardly talk to anyone blossom into a skilled leader.


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