Female Football Week: Dianne loves giving back to football with Stags FC


Dianne Albrighton is one of the jewels in the Stags crown. In today’s Female football profile we look at what makes Dianne so good for local football and what she loves about the game.


Dianne Albrighton – U13/14 Pink Girls Coach

How long have you been involved with football?
I have been involved with football from about 1995 when I decided to coach my youngest sons U/6 soccer team with the Goulburn Workers Club.
I coached his team for about 4years and then became the Manager until he stopped playing about 11years later.

How long have you been involved with Stags, and what made you want to volunteer and coach a young all girls side?
After having a number of years off and thinking I had retired, my daughter in-law nominated me to coach my granddaughter in the U/9 Stags Pink Team. She then informed me that she had nominated me and asked if it was ok.
I am still with the team and we are now playing in the U13/14 Girl’s competition.

What is your greatest achievement while coaching?
I believe that my greatest achievement is taking these young girls and helping them become confident and talented football players.

Who is your favourite player?
My favourite player is Sam Kerr, I see the eagerness that she shows in so many young girls in the competition.
If you ask me who is my favourite Team, hands down and without doubt it is the U13/14 Stags pink team.

What would you like to say to anyone who is interested in volunteering with a club but might be too scared?
I have found that volunteering again is just as rewarding as it was the first time around. The friendship you have with the players and their families last a long time and I still see faces that I coached in 1995 onwards, light up with a smile.

What do you enjoy most about being a volunteer coach?
I enjoy being a coach because it gives me the opportunity to help develop and teach not just soccer skills but to teach them self-worth and respect for themself and others.

By the way my granddaughter only played for 2years. Ha Ha 🙂


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